how much does jazler24 registration cost?

75 euros

what do i get?

three activations. you can activate up to three copies of jazler24 on three different machines, or you can activate just one copy and keep the other activations for future use. the software is downloadable only and we do not send any hard copies.

what happens if i format/change my computer?
this is why we give you three activations and not one. if you have a hard disk failure, computer failure, or you need to change to a new computer, then you will need to activate again. for this reason we give you three activations.

what happens if i run out of activations?
this means that either you have lots of computers (you overused the activations) or you are extremely unlucky. you will have to purchase another set of three activations for 75 euros.

do i need multiple activations to run multiple jazler24s on the same machine?
no. as soon as you activate one copy of jazler24, all other copies of jazler24 on that same machine will automatically be activated too.


purchase jazler24

when you click the button, you will go to our secure order page where you will purchase activations for jazler24. when you complete your order, in less than 24 hours you will receive an e-mail with a username/password to activate your copy of jazler24.