so... what's the fuss all about?

what makes jazler24 so special


Well... its all about the music!
But music, is not only what you play, but also, the way you play it! The most easy thing is to load a folder of songs into your media player playlist and let it randomly play songs all throughout the day. This is not enough anymore...

Yes, but what happens when I want different music in the morning or evening?
We don't think your simple media player will be able to play different music in the morning, different music in the evening and different music in the night, except if you have made a reeealy big playlist and have calculated what plays when.... or traditionally you would go to the media player and load a different folder when time comes....

You cannot do this all the time! We are sure you have better things to do.
This is why we created jazler24, so you can load your music folders, program them when to play (on a weekly basis) and forget it. Jazler wil play your music with the best possible combination of songs, selection of genres/categories, fix the songs volume and try not to play the same artist for as long as it thinks it's appropriate. It will also mix the songs in a radio-like way so there are no gaps between them. It will be your personal radio station without commercials!


let's go into the technical stuff

more details on some of the features of jazler24

jazler24 screenshotjazler24 does not have a traditional database. It is based on the folders you have in your windows system! You just select the folders you want Jazler24 to ”watch” at and Jazler24 will project these folders as song categories. Every change you make to your folders, will automaticaly be reflected in the Jazler music database.



Encrypt your audio files As a music provider you can now encrypt your audio files to be sure that your files won't be accessible to other players. Contact us for more information.


Schedule the music folders you want to hear throughout the day and week. Jazler24 is based on ‘time shifts’. In every time shift you create, you can specify what folders will play, and in what sequence. Jazler24 will also state in text the music will be heard in this specific time shift.

jazler24 screenshot jazler24 screenshot

jazler24 screenshot jazler24 screenshotDo your songs have different volume levels? Not anymore! The intellivolume feature of Jazler24 will try to play the songs at a stable volume level. It will analyze the song while it’s being played and will adjust it to the right level, loud and clear, without the compression effect of a traditional compressor-limiter.


jazler24 screenshotWhen idle, a big title displaying the current song playing is shown in the center of the screen. Jazler24 checks out to see if you are using the computer. If not, every time a new song begins, Jazler24 will show you a big title with the new song for 10 seconds. If the mp3 playing has the album photo embedded, it will show that too!

jazler24 screenshotWhat happens when in some time of the day, you don't want to hear the auto program, but you want to hear a specific music folder?jazler24 screenshot

For this reason we introduce the brand new semi-auto function. You can assign the F2 to F12 buttons of your keyboard to different folders and sequences and call them whenever you want. When you want to go back to the scheduled program, just press F1. Jazler24 gives you the choice to assign sequences of folders to each F key, so you can play whatever you want, whenever you want!

jazler24 screenshotProgrammed Silence! Open places, shopping malls, squares, hotels, organized beaches, resorts, parks need automated silence when they are closed or in hours of public silence. Jazler helps on this problem with the programmed silence function, so you won’t worry every time you have to turn it on or off again!


jazler24 screenshotDetailed logging of what has played, and logging of the user actions, so you can explain “unexplained phenomena”! Jazler24 saves the whole playlist in text files, organized by month, throughout the day, so you can know, what played and when! You can also change the logging format to your own needs. Jazler also logs down (optionally) all user actions (buttons pushed, songs removed or skipped etc.) so you can find out what happened when you were away and someone complained about bad song selection!


jazler24 screenshotFind the song you want to play, in seconds! Search for the title, the album or the artist typing only its initials. Jazler will automatically filter and present to you the results in milliseconds!




download the jazler24 pdf brochure

if you want to have the features of Jazler24 printed down or to show them to your friends or someone else who might be interested then click here to download our brochure!

download the jazler24 press kitt

This is a zip file that contains everything needed to document on Jazler24, a PDF Brochure with all the features, and a folder with various screenshots of Jazler24. cLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT!