why you need jazler24

Non stop music playback with professional 'radio' mixing and fading.

create your personal 'music radio station' with jazler24. jazler will find the way to playback your music with the best possible way, without gaps, mixing them like a radio-dj!


The best sound quality a computer can playback, with steady volume.
The advanced playback algorithms and engine of jazler24 will play your audio files with the best possible audio quality you can find from all players in the international market. jazler can also archieve better quality if it also finds advanced hardware accelarated capabilities in your soundcard. the better soundcard you have, the better sound you will get!



Ideal song selections with artist blocking and song selection randomizing.
jazler24 tries to playback the best possible combination of songs in the best sequence possible, avoiding same artist repetition and mostly avoiding to play the same sequence of songs in the same order. jazler24 will randomize the songs as soon as all have been played, but also will avoid playing the same song as long as possible. but you can also make a category of songs that can play more often then others!


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