why you need jazler24

ideal for cafes/hotels/malls

restaurants/open places/in-house parties/call waiting/waiting rooms/train-metro stations/airports/

Open places and places where people gather and socialize and/or might even do business, as places mentioned in our title, usually need music background. Leaving a cd to loop over and over, again and again is not enough anymore. Using media player to play a folder of songs might be a reasonable idea, but think about it. You are already reading this web-page because you are searching for something else. You are searching for a software that can play your music like a radio station with your favourite music without commercials!

This is why jazler24 was created. so it can play your preffered music, so it can change music styles at specific time zones, so it can keep a steady volume and mix the songs like you would hear them on a radio station, so it can select songs without repeating the same artist as long as possible!

Jazler24 monitors your music folders and analyzes your music files in the background so whenever you add or remove a song from your windows folders, jazler24 will automatically reflect it in its music database. It also gives you the choice to immediately switch to a preferred music category/folder, overriding the auto program schedule, in case that you need an immediate change of music because of a special event .


unnatended playback and silence

set up jazler24 and forget it! you can also program jazler24 to stop playback at specific timezones in case that you need it to play only in office/shop working hours


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