ideal for cafes/hotels/malls

restaurants/open places/in-house parties

Jazler24 is exclusively made for music playback for all kinds of open places, where unnatended music selection is needed. Jazler24 gives you the ability to program it to play the music folders/genres you want at specific time-zones. It also supports multiple music outputs so with one computer you can have multiple outputs with different music and programming!

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what you gain from j24

Non stop music playback with professional 'radio' mixing and fading. More…


Ideal song selections with artist blocking and song selection randomizing. More…

do you need more features?

Visit our main home page to check out all other versions of Jazler. Jazler CafePlus, Jazler SimplePack and Jazler RadioStar might be one of the versions that might suit your needs, either you are a broadcasting radio station, internet-radio or you need specific features like spots/commercial programming, live radio shows, cart replacement software (Jazler Show), or even video playback software like JazlerTV.

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welcome to the main page of jazler24

the music player made out of our love for music and programming!

Based on the experience of 12 years and the new technologies of Microsoft, Jazler24 is the best solution for automated music playback in open places, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and generally for professional and semi-professional applications, or even for in-house parties and entertainment!

Jazler24 will play the music you desire, the time and days you program it to, making the best choices from the available songs, trying to avoid same artist repetition, playing all the songs at the same volume, and mixing them automatically as you would hear them on the radio